Servanthood & Telling Your Feelings to Shut Up!

So out of my normal, I pushed all my blogs I have written back 1 week. I just have to share some of the things the Lord has truly revealed to me this week.

What you truly pray for, you will be tested on it! In all the chaos of what is going on personally, I asked the Lord “Well, what do you want me to do?” I wasn’t asking the Lord, “What should I do about the problem?” I was really asking Him “What should I do while all this chaos is going on around me?” He told me to serve. Serve others and put them more importantly than yourself. So I told the Lord, “well, make me into a servant.” I’m telling you, Amber has been a little selfish. I have ignored some things the Lord has put on my heart recently, like calling to check up on someone, or giving this to someone. So now every chance I get, when someone runs across my mind, I hop on the text to see what they want and to see if there is a need to be met. Or more importantly I say a quick prayer for them. But I was yet, tested to see if I really wanted to serve or not. There was a need to be met to take my mom (whose car is not working at the moment) to the grocery store. I could have stayed in bed, rolled over and finished my nap when I saw that text from my sister, but I knew what I prayed about: servant. So as much as my flesh wanted me to stay in the bed and please myself (my flesh), there was a need to be met. So I got up, drove to go get her and do what was asked of me.

That’s a servant. That’s meeting the need of someone, despite what you feel like doing. It is easy to do for others when you feel like it, but what about when you aren’t in the mood to? When you don’t feel like being bothered? Every time we are faced between what we want to do and what is required of us, we have to tell our feelings to shut up and stop acting out of emotion! Which segway into the next point: WE HAVE TO TELL OUR FEELINGS TO SHUT UP! Our feelings speak so loudly at times that we can’t even hear what God is trying to say. We do things and say things based on our flesh, and we try to justify it but really it’s just our feelings & emotions talking, and not God. We have to be careful not to intertwine the two, because most of us are walking around here telling people what God said and knowing it’s our feelings & emotions talking! So I have been correcting myself lately, in fearing what God really did and did not say to me. I don’t want to disappoint God and definitely don’t want to lose my witness as a believer going around preaching what I feel instead of what God really said.

I also heard clearly from God, “Stop trying to prove them wrong.” That is our motto with most of us, “Let your haters be your motivators.” And it sounds very cute, and you may get a drive out of it, but as a child of God, that is the wrong approach to doing anything in your life. #1 – you are putting their opinions on a pedestal above what God already said about you. God calls His children winners, victorious! We are already set for greatness. But when you put your drive in the people who said you are nothing, never will amount to nothing or won’t ever be nothing. This is now placing them (your so called ‘haters’) more important than knowing where our true help comes from. #2 – you are set out to prove something that may not be a part of God’s plan for your life! They telling you you won’t ever be a rapper or whatever, you are now on mission to be a rapper, and God has called you to do mission work or build your own business. Very dangerous thing trying to get approval of people who, later on down the line, might say something else crazy you can’t do. #3 – you now put your approval in the hands of man. Three times this week God placed this message in front of me because He saw how my heart wasn’t lining up with His. So He checked me.

As Christians, we have to rise above our flesh, and what we feel like doing. It’s hard, but our desire to please Him should be greater.


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