She Was Different

As I reflect over the past week, something caught my attention from a card from my one year work anniversary...

"Your reputation preceded meeting you, but still serves no justice..."

When you are authentically yourself, you can't fall in line with others because others are competing to be the same.

As a Christ follower, I am not the same.

Maybe this is why my neighbor, of whom I waved hello and bye to occasionally over the past year couldn't help but ask me in desperation if I could take his daughter to school one day.

"Hey my name is Chris! As you know I live downstairs and I would really need your help this upcoming Thursday if you can? I need to leave early for work and I need someone to take my daughter to school." It was early. I was in my morning stages of not wanting to converse with anyone. But he caught me off guard coming to my car at seven a.m.

"Hi, I'm Amber. Sure!" I saw desperation in him needing someone for his daughter at that moment.

"Oh great!" he said relieved. "We can talk about it later. Got to get her to school." He headed his way and I headed mines. I couldn't help why he needed help. I wondered about the lady who lived with them, who I assumed was her mom. "Maybe she had work as well," I wondered to myself.

But the biggest wonder was why did he think he could trust me, a complete stranger, with his daughter?

I immediately thought, my presence met him before I did.

The way we carry ourselves when we think no one is watching, is what people believe. That's why the bible talks about walking in the fruits of the spirit always - because no one can complain about these traits. When we walk with gentleness and kindness instead of attitude and pettiness - there's a big difference. In the big scope of things, the fruits of the spirit shows others they can trust you.

In a world where we, as women, have to show who has the biggest "attitude" or who can be the most "petty" - there is something about the woman who isn't. The woman who doesn't walk around in anger or attitude. Who has her days, but doesn't show it because she knows the Lord is fighting for her. There is something about the woman who chose to walk away or let someone have the last word for the sake of peace. Who tries to be pleasant and kind to all who she come in contact with because she never know when she will have to cross that bridge again. Who makes effort to relax her resting face instead of walking looking like she has a problem with everyone. The woman who works as her employer and boss is the Lord, because she knows she is on kingdom assignment at her daily job. It is that woman who is set apart from the rest.

As I am becoming that woman, I am far from where I would like to be. But the woman I am today, is because of development and passing tests. Areas God has given me during my thirty plus years of experience led me to who I am today.

We have to be more like the image of Christ and less like the image of the world. Too many women I've experienced have settled with where they are and who they are. Development is far from their minds. But we were called to be different.

Different can get you in doors that you won't be able to get in being the same as everyone else. Walking with a different spirit can make someone scratch their head and say "she is different."

Heard it too many times to count... but it's not like I am trying to be different. Because I walk by the Spirit, I just am.

I can tell you, a pleasant spirit will do more for you and go before you better than an unpleasant one can. I encourage you, try it a different way next time. (Meditate on the hyper-linked scriptures above.)

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