Simple Meal Ideas for the Simple Solo Mama

Updated: Aug 19

I dread meal prep days. The planning of what to get from the store then the cooking of all the groceries you get from the store.

Some weeks, I hit brick walls in my memory. What did we eat last week? When was the last time we had ...? What did she eat with her dad? So much goes into my thought process that sometimes I stress myself out each and every week planning.

There are so many guides to meal prepping and budgeting out there, but I believe everyone knows what works in their family. The "go to" meals. The "classics". The "forgotten" dishes. As for me, I would like a reminder several dishes I make from time to time so they are in the forefront of my memory.

So I am providing my list to you. Of the simple, healthy and not healthy, options that puts food in our bellies and a smile on our faces.

I know for me, anything that can help me think of new easy meals I can prep, I am excited to learn about. I like meals with little effort, simple ingredients and of course things I know my daughter would like.

So I cook for my daughter and I easy peasy, but tasty meals for our Monday through Friday. My scenario: I am a family of only my daughter and I. I work from home, my daughter goes to school and takes her lunch and snacks. We eat out Friday nights. So our Sunday - Thursday are meals I prepped and cooked the Sunday of the week.

So here is my go to list, which will get longer and longer the more I find out what works and what doesn't work. I've also included some recipe's as well!

Breakfast Ideas for mama:

Biscuits & Country Sausage Gravy here

Quiche (Spinach, Carmelized Onion) a great recipe here

Apple Pies here

Hommade Biscuits w/ Honey here

Sausage & Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

Sausage Dog (Your choice of sausage and hot dog buns)

Egg and Cheese Sandwich or Biscuit

Link Sausage and English Muffins

Can Cinnamon Rolls

Muffins (We bake these banana bread muffins!)

Breakfast Ideas for Kid:


French Toast Sticks


Pepperoni Slices

Cereal & Milk


Fruit and Cheese Tray (Any Fruit with any type of cheese)

Lunch Ideas for mama:

Tuna Salad or Chicken Salad w/ Crackers

Lentil Soup here

Ham & Pea Soup

BLT Sandwich w/ Chips

Curry Chicken Thighs or Legs w/ Rice

Chicken Breast & Flavored rice

Pan Sausage and Veggies here

Sausage Dog (Your choice of sausage and hot dog buns)

Turkey or Beef Burgers and chips

Pho Ramen

Lemon Butter Parmesean Pasta (with Chicken)

Loaded Baked Potatoes

Lunch Ideas for School:

Lunchables or hommade lunchables


Fruit (Grapes & Strawberries)

Chips (Whole Grain or Veggie)

Veggie Straws

Apple Juice Boxes or Capri Suns

Dinner Ideas:

Salmon Patty w/ Grits

Breakfast for Dinner


Turkey Necks

Crockpot Turkey Wings

Hamburger Patties w/ Skillet Gravy


Cheeseburgers or sliders

Garlic Toast Pizzas here

Classic Spaghetti

Chicken Parmesean

Baked chicken wings and Fries

Pizza Rolls here

Pigs N Blanket

Chicken Alfredo Bowtie Pasta

Burbon Chicken here

Rotisserie Chicken & Salad

Philly Cheesesteaks and Onion Rings

Fried Catfish Nuggets

Tacos (soft or crunch shell) w/ Mexican Rice

Lemon Butter Parmesean Pasta (with Chicken)

The Best Chicken Leg Quarters here

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