Single Lady Cooking

Ok, ok. 

So I have been trying this new thing, and that is to start cooking meals on Sunday for the entire week. I must say, I am really enjoying this experiment, because in the end it is saving me some money!!

So I am technically a single woman. I don’t have a family to care for yet, I don’t have to cook (really) for a husband because I don’t have one yet. But I have to eat. One thing I realized, I don’t like to cook during the week. That was my first step. To admit that, hey “I hate to have to go home everyday and cook just for me! What can I do about this?”


I have heard people say they ‘cook for the week’ but I didn’t like that idea at first. That was until I saw a weekly clean up chart that was sent by French Press Morning on Facebook. ( Everyday it had a chore for you to do around the house so it can keep your house nice and tidy. There it was again, “Sunday- meal preparation”. So i thought, I might as well give it a go! Then I began to look up some recipes of what I can make that will last all week. Most were casseroles and things such as spaghetti, chili.. soups, etc. Then I realized that I can make a meal and proportion it out in little Tupperware containers. Reason I wanted to do it this way instead of ‘making plates’ and keep opening the same container for chicken, the sides etc, is because I wanted the plates I made to still be fresh when I ate it. I also wanted the plate to be easy access to just pop in the microwave and heat up in one single step. That was my downfall. I wanted something quick and fast during the week, not all that slaving over the stove and such. 


So I started almost a month ago and I was really excited. My grocery bill came up to $65.00. And even though my Sunday was filled, I had to make my weekly dinner. I couldn’t throw anymore money at McDonalds, Popeyes, Wendy’s for something fast and quick. I made me 2 meals for the week. One was chicken fajitas with Mexican rice. The other, was a savory meal of chicken, potatoes and veggies. I bought the cup of noodles, spaghetti o’s or the michellina’s for lunch at work. Along with a bag of chips to take everyday, and rice crispy treats and pop-tarts to snack on throughout my days. For breakfast, I pre-cooked bacon and made some homemade biscuits. I was set. The next week was easier since I was going to be home for 3 days, I just made some tacos for the 3 dinners that week.


This week, I bought entrees for the next two weeks from the grocery store. Re-ed up on my chips and thangs, and was back in business! I must say, this plan is keeping me on track and reaching my savings goal. As a single woman, I don’t have time to cook every day or every other day. Especially now because my life is that hectic. But this little change in my spending is definitely doing me some justice!

Just had to share.

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