Single Mom Activity Ideas

Listen, I get it.

I need help too. Sometimes our brains are fried with the weight of the other gazillion matters of life. Sometimes we are burnt out to find something creative for our children to do, especially us single moms of 1.

I have a ongoing list of activities around the calendar to maneuver you through your days.

What I've come to learn is toddlers don't need extravagant activities and high cost things to truly enjoy life. They need us, some of our energy and creativity to enjoy their life.

Some programs and groups that helped me are:

PBS Kids

My Growing Pinterest Board

Kids Corner

Some of my simple games and activities are found here:

Sincerely Amber Single Mommying (Car washes are her favorite!)


Board Games

Outside walks, bikes, play

Dollhouse Play

Helping to Cook

Some of my approved toddler shows to watch:

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS Kids

Barney & Friends on Netflix

Word Party on Netflix

AlphaBlocks and Number Blocks on Netflix

Story Bots on Netflix and YouTube

Ms. Monica Circle Time on YouTube

Blues Clues on Nick Jr.

Read Along with PBS Kids on YouTube

Bookmarks on Netflix

*note these are NOT the only shows she watch, but I prefer these over the others

Some of my approved toddler tablet games are:

ABC Mouse

Pink Fong Counting and Shapes

I also recommend finding or subscribing to learning channels on YouTube and create your list of approved learning shows about science, history, math and reading!

I hope this helps you mama!

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