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This daily devotional blessed me one morning from yet another Proverbs 31 Ministries email … and it confirmed what I have been wanting to write about recently. So here we go.

I hope everyone knows the story of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. (If not, please click on the link to read it!) This story came to mind as I began to ponder about how we step over the smallest opportunities and tasks seeking to make our name great! As a synopsis of the African tale, there was a King who was in search of a wife. There were two daughters of Mufaro, and he set them out on the journey in hopes one of them would be the next queen. One of the daughters only saw her name being great, so in her journey her main focus was to get to the King. And through her journey to the king, she was stopped by people needing her help, but she refused them. The other daughter was very humble and kind, and didn’t really set out on the quest in search for a great name, but she was obedient to her father. On the way, of course, she helped the beggar and the old woman who needed her help, even though it may have slowed down her journey. In the end, you could have guessed the sister who was humble & obedient won the King’s heart, because we find out the King disguised himself as the beggar and as the old woman. He saw the heart of both of them. He saw what is a valuable asset to him.

How many times do we overlook the ‘small things’ because we deem them insignificant to us? We have this perfect picture of what our life should be like, that we blind ourselves to the small significant matters. We go on in life thinking that we have to do this and that and live by the mantra “by any means necessary“ to get ahead. We step over the small blessings like we don’t need them. We take for granted people. Even with the things God tell us to do, we sometimes wonder why bother? But, just like the King, Jesus is even in those small insignificant situations. Now, don’t get me wrong, God has already called us a “…chosen generation and a royal priesthood”… He has already marked your name as great, and I believe He wants us to have and be the very best. But getting to the ‘best’ by trying to a) get there ourselves and b) pushing off His small opportunities along the way – may cost us our ‘great name’.

One of my ex’s told me “Look, I’m trying to get higher in God, and I have to cut off things that I can help” when he broke up with me. After my initial complete shock he said that, I was amazed at how he thought I was an insignificant “small” part of his life to just completely close that door like it was nothing. And not saying I was one of his small opportunities for his ‘greatness’, but I learned you can’t shut off people who you feel don’t matter. And this opened my eyes to see something clearer… we have to be oh so wise about cutting off people and things trying to get to our latter rain on our own. I can’t imagine having a conversation with Jesus after him telling me “Well on December 12th, when you turned your nose up at the girl who needed a ride and said you had something to do, what was that about? And the next month, looks whose car broke down and need a ride for 2 days…” I’m laughing as I type this, like what would I say to Him?

This goes very well also with the daily hustle of the job you are in. You think… what I do is insignificant and it’s just a job! But as you do & go to your job day after day it also could be preparing you for your latter rain. Because one day, you might get a job offer in another department because your boss had only good things to say about you! You didn’t apply for the job, you didn’t even know about the job, but one day, out of nowhere, you get an offer making more money all because you kept up with your ‘small’ beginnings. And just like the job, whatever God told you to do, whether you find it small and it won’t matter, just know anything God tells you to do MATTERS! Whether starting a ministry, start on your business, write your book, join the worship team, whatever… and however you think it’s small and taking a long time, it really isn’t.

You never know how Jesus is working in the small situations, the small beginnings, the ‘insignificant’ matters. We have to purify our heart to see that even too, we have to consider it a blessing to have the little, and not to take it for granted. Luke 16:10 Jesus confirms “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

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