What am I most thankful for? Well, first my heavenly Father for being so good to me, when I don’t deserve what He gives… for Him choosing me & picking me out to be on assignment for Him! What else? Well, when you suffer loss, you are really grateful for those that are still around.So I am thankful for those who have been there for me… when I needed a friend, a mom, a dad, a sister, an encourager, a confidant, a prayer, and a listener. Most of all those that have sewn into me through words, through a smile, through a hug, through song, through dance, through worship and through ministry. I’m thankful all my needs are fulfilled and even wants met. I’m grateful that I have somewhere to lay my head every night. Somewhere I can call home. Some place I can call work. And last, but not least, I am grateful for what the bad has taught me, the lessons learned, the tears of pain, the hurt of life and the shame of the past. All of which combines to unfold the Amber you get to see today.

Praying everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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