That Darn Social Media


I cringe as I scroll through my timeline of the ‘The Facebook’. Whose life I will be opened up to today? What gossip and hidden jabs will I run across today? The view is sickening.

A couple of times this has come across my path, but I truly believe it now: pioneer social media sites were built by people who had no social circle and created one on the internet. It also creates an outlet for the lonely, weak and ‘rejected’ (sot to speak) to have a sense of validation and security. Social media sites have become popular, why? The no. 1 reason is mankind are some nosey people and we seek validation from likeminded people! We like to know what’s going on in people’s lives, and for some reason want people to know what’s going on in ours! We love to see the latest drama, see who is going through a bad day… and who is cussing someone out. So we gather ‘friends’ on the web, and like each other status’ and praise the negative, and feed into the irrelevant.

We have grown to put pictures and status updates of our every step, every breath and every chew to put into cyber world and to feed into people who care, but not really. These same people we see in ‘real time’ and are strangers to us. We put up our babies out the womb, explicit pictures and status updates of the unnecessary drama we are going through. And for what? 1 like on a status or picture? Because that is all they can give you, and maybe a comment?

For the most part, my timeline is full of quotes and positive encouragement because I follow more pages than friends. But every day, without failure, people vent to Facebook like it is their mom or dad. They trust Facebook more than anything! Go get a journal! Everything you feel doesn’t have to be put out on twitter and social media. It’s called discernment, a quality we lack in America. When to say what to say. When not to say what to say. When to keep your business to yourself. When to keep your relationship details to yourself. When to keep your loneliness to yourself. When to keep your feelings to yourself. The answer is almost ‘NO, don’t do it’ when you are writing out of frustration and anger.

This is a note to just be mindful in why and who you are sharing your personal experiences with. Facebook, twitter, IG, Vine and all other social media are there for you to air your dirty and intimate laundry to the world. It takes discipline NOT to. Some things one should just keep to themselves.

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