The Blessing in Diligence


“If you wait until you feel like it, then you are not going to do it.”

My First lady of my church said these words of wisdom one day that I kept in my mental notes from then on. How many times do we fall in the trap of laziness? Or ‘not in the mood’? Unmotivated? Un-excited? Blah?

I have been definitely feeling like this lately. With everything that has been going on with my job, and through the breakup, I would rather stay home in my sweats, be in bed all day and read. I mean, I thought, what’s the point? I was super excited about a job I didn’t get, that means of staying somewhere I didn’t really prefer staying. I was for sure I was going to leave, and God said NOPE. So I had to re-ignite the passion I once had for my job. I was still in a funk about my ex, and from time to time the thoughts bombarded me to the point of frustration. God said SIT DOWN and don’t go running back to that boy, no more! So I had to re-ignite the passion I once had for myself.

And I was at a ‘blah’ moment because I had no motivation, whatsoever, to continue so happily.

I realized my start up business needed this motivation. I realized my family needed this motivated Amber. I realized my friends needed this motivated Amber. Even my current job had to have motivation for the creativeness of my travel itineraries. But I was NOT motivated.  I just felt afloat, just here, just riding the waves of life… going up…going down…up again…down again.

Has anyone else been there?

But if we wait on motivation, or feeling like doing, we will never do what we have to do. If we felt like going to work everyday, that would not be a problem. But what about the days we don’t feel like going? We shake of that feeling, and continue on! If we had to wait for the feeling of wanting to go to work, majority of us would probably have been fired from our job for the lack of showing up.

We should also consider this with everything. Sometimes we have to shake off our feelings and continue on to what we have to do. You don’t go to work, you don’t collect a paycheck, and you don’t eat. You don’t get up and cook breakfast, you go hungry for that point in time. You don’t go work out, you keep the weight on you. Even in our relationships, you don’t feel like working in the relationship, the relationship starves and get off course.

Proverbs 6:6 tells us to consider the ant, and notice it’s ways. An ant, as many of you know about the story of the ant and grasshopper, is a hard worker. It never tires in getting up, searching for food for the day and bringing it back to the colony. The purpose: to store up enough food for the winter. The ant is a diligent worker. The ant considers what main goal it’s working on and sticks to the schedule. The ant doesn’t make excuses. The ant works all spring, summer and fall just to have for winter. We have to be like the ant, brushing off what we feel like doing, and noticing a greater purpose behind it all. Trust me, there will be days, sluggish days, gloomy days, restless days, days of giving up, days of giving in.

In Paul’s address to the Thessalonians warning against idleness in the body of believers, he then says never tire of doing good. (2 Thess. 3:13). He also spread this message to the churches of Galatia in chapter 6 of Galatians. We can’t get tired of whats doing good, and also what’s doing right. We have to keep being diligent with what God has placed in our hearts to do.

Diligence is careful and persistent (continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition) work or effort (determined attempt).

There is a harvest, our physical eyes don’t see, that is awaiting based on this determination… harvest of a paycheck, harvest of a healthy body, harvest of a career move God has for you, harvest of a family you desire, harvest of a wife you prayed for.  Also Paul said that we have to show believers, as well as non believers, diligence & hard work. So, they too, can imitate it. It’s one of the crosses we have to carry.

I hope we all can remember this on the blah days of life. To have a moment, then shrug off our feelings and continue on.

Be blessed.

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