The Importance in Others

Everyone that knows me probably know when it comes to driving in Atlanta, I have probably the lowest tolerance for it. I just really don’t have the patience for ‘non-drivers’ and seems like encounters with bad drivers only happens to me in Atlanta. So, before I yell and scream from behind the wheel of my car, I take a HUGE breath and hum a tune. Might sound crazy but I really do that. And I am working on it, daily.

I knew I was growing in the Word when one day I let a lady who needed to get over in my lane through. Now before you don’t think this is a big deal, let me explain.

There are two lanes leading up to this major highway. One lane was fur turning right. The left lane was for going straight and turning left. (This was the lane I was in). And everyone who knows this street, knows, no matter how long of the line is for the left lane, you have to wait in it if you want to turn left. Because 1 time out of 10, someone will let you over. So apparently this lady needed to get over in my lane. And my human reaction was “Now, this lady know she should have been in this lane. I ain’t letting her over. I have to get home too! Shoot!” But God whispered and reminded me of Philippians 2:3 “…count others more significant than yourselves.” And as I recited that, I took a deep breath and waved her over.

In turn, she raised her hand “Thanks.”

Yes, we have to think of others and their situations better than our own situation. Even the small things like letting someone over, this verse applies to that too. I used to

  1.          When you want to win an argument so bad or have the last word, you have to remember consider others feelings better than yours.

  2.          When you have the money to lend for a need but you planned on spending it on yourself, you have to remember consider others needs better than yours.

  3.          When you feel you have cause to act a certain way towards someone, you have to remember consider others situations better than yours.

  4.          When you feel you have no one in your corner so you only look out for yourself, you have to remember consider serving the needs others situations better than your needs.

It’s an obligation. And get this, you have to do this EVEN if they don’t return the favor! Now that is truly a test!

And in turn, God rewards the doers of what His Word says, even if you don’t wholeheartedly agree with it at first. When it is against your own ambition and own gain, remember God put us on this earth to love and serve OTHERS.

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