The Onion

Did you ever wonder how onions formed? How does the onion gets its layers? I did some research and found it very necessary to seek how the bulb formation works.

The onion’s ‘bulbing’ (or growing) is largely influenced by high temperatures for which it is grown. At the core, the layers are small leaf scales that are already formed. Only when the leaves are exposed to the high temperatures and their sun light, they ‘bulb’ or bloom into the layer, thus getting ready for produce.


Why is this significant? I don’t know really.

But in a recent conversation, I referred to myself as an onion. Meaning, I have so many layers to my life, so many sides of me, so many walls up. And just like the onion, (after it has grown many layers) to get to the core, you have to peel layers gently OR you can just cut through the onion with a sharp knife. And as I reflect, I see myself as it, the onion. Life’s heat has built many many many layers over my core. Some of which I didn’t know what there, an wouldn’t know, until someone is tugging on it. And sometimes I get mad at myself. Because I feel like I stayed in lifes ‘heat’ way too long, thus doing this to my own self. I feel guilty sometimes for having so much baggage and so many issues to address. I wanted to share a facebook status one day to say ‘…staying in bad relationships will only bite you in the butt when the right one comes along…”. This is how I feel.

I keep coming back to bad relationships because that is an area of my life I screwed up my heart. Sometimes I feel like I can’t tell the real from the fake when it comes to men, and my vision is sometimes cloudy. But now, I feel like it only to my demise to have kept working at bad relationships, trying to make them good. Now, I’m being challenged to change aspects of my life I didn’t know was there. How would I know they weren’t there until I was challenged to change them? I don’t know.

There is a woman (who is one of the co-founders of Finding Eve Soul Café Christian Singles Ministry) who made me think long and hard when she told her story. She has been married for 9 years to a God fearing Christian man. But when they met, she admitted she was in ‘shambles’. She was messed up. Tow up. But had a mindset that she was a ‘good thing’. He didn’t give up on her, but challenged her mindset a little. And that is when she had a choice to either stay the same or be up for the challenge. This was in the beginning of her Christian walk. She accepted that she needed much work, and so many years later, she is now happily married with 1 child.

When I heard the quote “…real men understands the walls a woman has put up, and shatters them all…” I thought about men actually doing this. No this quote isn’t for the men who aren’t ready for lifetime commitment, I mean the men who are. If she is the one… wouldn’t it be a priority to make sure all of those layers are peeled and scars healed from the past, even though it genuinely might take longer than initially thought? It can be done. I know it did for the woman I just talked about.

Just a thought.



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