The story behind the flowers…


And so everyone wants to know… 

Last week, a really good acquaintance had these flowers delivered to my job as a ‘token of our friendship’. To say the least, I guess we have built up some type of relationship considering our conversation is through email and blog. But throughout the past several months, I believe he has been a great person to lend an ear, to unknowingly vent to (in my blog) and to also re-affirm some things with me. It’s such a refreshing feeling to have this done for me and I truly want to thank him honestly and genuinely because even this… such a simple thing is EVERYTHING to me. And I know a few people might not see this as a big deal because they might get/do simple gestures like this on a regular, but it is such a big deal to me! 

ME, a person who really don’t ask for a lot, but give myself a lot. Most people don’t know my story. Some understand. A few can relate. And with those, they truly LISTEN and LEND encouraging words and provide assurance and to keep pushing me. Because sometimes I don’t see what others see in me.  I just continue to push. But just to know some people really ‘hear’ me and relate is such a stress reliever. Sometimes I wonder do I ask for too much? Or do I block my own blessings because I have high expectations? Then subtle reminders and answers let me know I am not. People who truly care will rise to the occasion. Point black and simple. This gesture taught that much to me. 



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