The Tools are Getting Dusty

Packing is a strenous task no one likes to do. However packing allows you to gut out your “soon to be old house” and revisit the things that will no longer fit your new chapter.

I didn’t realize I had so many devotional books beautiful women have given to me over the past couple of years. From my bookshelf, so many helpful devotionals filled with life altering scripture and encouragement were just stacked collecting dust, barely opened... until that packing day.

I didn’t understand why I never took the time to read them or why I didn’t continue taking the time to read them - but I couldn’t help but pull these devotional and sit them near my bible instead of packing them away. As I opened up and began to read, I realized that I was definitely missing this from my life. Of course the Word if God has all the answers I could ever need in this life, but it’s something about reading from women who’ve been where I’m at.

Sometimes the tools are right in front of us. God has provided me some great ladies who giftes me some books authored by some great ladies. I just never took the time, in the hurried mom life, to read them - when in all actuality I needed them to help me in my hurried mom life.

God is so intentional. He doesn’t put help in front of us, or tools for that matter, for us to forget it or sit it down to collect dust. He wants us to reach out, too, intentionally to receive the answered prayer we‘ve asked. It does take a little bit of work on our end and a little bit of faith that He answered what we prayed for: sanity, peace, support, hope and just some encouragement to get us through our day.

Don‘t let your tools, whatever they are, collect dust until packing day or go to waste. Take them out and use them now. Make a decision today that will affect your tomorrow in a better way.

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