There's a Toddler at Home While I'm Working!

Hey me too!

It was a huge adjustment for me as we settled into our new norm. Working from home. Daycare closed. No big brothers or sisters for her to play with. It's just me, her, a computer and a whole 'lotta house.

What's a mom to do?

Hindsight, I have found these helpful tools that helped me transition:

Give a sincere notice to your supervisor of the current conditions and how you are managing them. Some supervisors are not in the same dynamic as you, and even if they are, they may do things a little differently. I found that notifying my supervisor, even though she already knew, that you're having difficulty juggling and you are doing the very best. Even make up time if you can. Shows you want to do your part. And always a notification to your boss when you have to step away.

Give sincere notice to your toddler. I mean he or she may not get it, but explanations to toddlers helps them understand the world outside their own. Thankfully my child likes Daniel Tiger, so there is an episode just for this type of dilemma. Give them a break.. they don't know what's going on in the world of COVID. They just see mommy and "me" at home.

If you can wake up earlier than your toddler to sign on, great! It gives you some time to get in a groove before the little one gets up.

Worksheets worksheets! My girl is 3 years old and very hands on. So I have some simple worksheets I go through with her as I am answering emails. It helps her be independent and also let's her feel I am with her. Worksheets like coloring, tracing, cutting practice, drawing a line between two objects - things that they work their brain while you work yours.

Any virtual learning experience like ABC Mouse or PBS Kids on the tablet. Screen time helps when you have a meeting or have a deadline. It keeps them busy with less interruptions.

Take some time away from your computer! Ignoring them all day pushing tablet in their faces can bring about a disconnect. My daughter is very interactive with me (non working days) so I can only imagine her unrest as I am busy typing all day. Give them some attention.

If you can, eat lunch together. Brings a little normalcy.

Nap time is always good. Unfortunately, mines never nap. But she understands the concept of quiet time. So I instruct her to lay in her bed, read or play quietly. Most times it's doable for her.

Pinterest Ideas are phenominal. The night before prep some things, if you can, as far as art projects that you can help do while you are servicing on your computer. I do not have a job where I am on the phone all the time, so not sure if this would work for those moms.

My Bonus - during the pandemic I was able to hire my nieces (based on what I would have paid at her daycare weekly) to school her and tend to her while we are at home. I know some have not been able to find someone they could trust, however, it is an option. Older brothers or sisters in the house also helps take attention off of you and more on playing.

This pandemic caught us all off guard, but adjusting was the biggest challenge. Here is a video I put together on my day off of some ideas moving forward.

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