VH1’s CrazySexyCool The TLC Story | Review

Three words, OMG! 

The much anticipated TV movie ‘Crazy Sexy Cool’ premiered Monday night. As I was checking Facebook, I noticed I was not the only one that was anticipating the story of TBoz, Left-Eye and Chili to finally surface. 

The biopic was not in the least what I anticipated, but it was so much more than what I anticipated. From the story, to the actors to the acting, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story began of course with the idea of a girl group that Pebbles and L.A. Reid of LaFace Records wanted to start, for a ‘new thing’. TBoz had the ‘home girl hip hop feel’. Left-Eye had the ‘crazy rap girl’ going on and Chili had the ‘R&B sexy singer’ under lock. The movie then portrays the girl group going to gold and platinum status without 1 ounce of money coming in to the girls. It went to Pebbles, LaFace and the expenses of travel, studio, food etc., Leaving the girls to file for bankruptcy with a multi-million dollar status. 

So I believe the basis of the story was that, how they went from being literally ‘raped’ in the music industry to making it to the iconic girl group of today. Along the way, every girl had their personal problems and issues. TBoz was battling with sickle cell anemia. Chili was battling relationship problems with Dallas Austin. Left Eye was trying to heal past hurts with her father within herself and her alcohol abuse problems. So behind the scenes, the inner struggles of the girls were so real, and so relatable. 

Towards the end, you could tell the girls grew up into women who took the past hurts, and kept pushing forward. TBoz delivered a baby she never thought she could. Chili let Dallas go, when she never thought she would. Left Eye began to find inner peace by taking trips to Honduras ‘the jungle’. Ironically, on the last trip, she went on to the ultimate peace, and passed away. Ending on a sad, but uplifting, note, the girls are still close living out their own lives for their own purpose. 

This story to me is about overcoming ALL odds. Whoever saw the movie premier night, should know all NO’s can be YES’s and all CAN’T’s can be CAN’s. No matter what someone is battling, this remarkable story of 3 women from Decatur GA who overcame, should reinforce a drive to push forward. 

Well done. 

Below are some of my favorite songs from TLC.













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