Waiting and Pausing for God

In my increased alone time with God recently, I have been spending crazy time with Him! I did a fast, I cried out to him, I prayed hard and long and read scriptures he pointed me to. And what is so great, is that God has been pouring into me what I have been starved from! So its no surprise to me that when I read Proverbs 31 Ministries daily devotion this morning, I teared up! Not only did this touch my spirit, the fact that I have been hearing “Be Still”. On the way to work, I prayed “God, send me a word I need today!” And He reinforced the importance of waiting.

in the wait

And as much as I would like to sit down and take a seat from my busy life, a forced ‘pause’ is something I didn’t intend to be in! Like it is really out of my control for me to just sit, and be still. I was listening to a sermon from TD Jakes entitled ‘Dealing with the Unexpected’ and he interpreted the unexpected battles in life. And he said our first mind is to try to rationalize what’s going on and what’s happening, and why this happened and what went wrong. That’s why we are uncomfortable when we face challenges, because we are forced to fix it. But that’s not our job. He said, this is where you can’t trust your first mind, because they are rash decisions. He later said Go, and get somewhere and sit down! God said ‘be still, and know I am God!”.

As many times as I have said, God is faithful and true, and His word is true, that I have no choice but to submit to Him, knowing He knows what’s best for me. He’s All seeing, All knowing. Just a little bit of encouragement on this Wednesday, when you are forced to sit down, sit! And Listen to God.

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