Weekend Activities Ideas for the Mom of One

No luck with finding things to do to entertain your kid on the weekend?

I know, sometimes the activities can get a bit expensive, but if you have an active child like mines, you know how hard it is to find something to do but still keeping money in your wallet.

Do not fear or sweat - I have some great ideas head. Keep reading.

In my original YouTube - Rainy Day ideas, I have about 4 activities around the house that you can do with your child while keeping them entertained.

But what about when you want to go out? I know. Sometimes you (both) need some fresh air while enjoying some extra curricular activities. So below are some of my new found go to's for your enjoyment. Remember, it's the simplest things that make them joyful. As long as you are in the picture, it's already a win for them.

  1. Ice cream date (and eat outside at the ice cream shop)

  2. Plant flower or veggie in container

  3. Neighborhood Pool

  4. Indoor Playground

  5. Library Events

  6. Catch a ball game (nosebleed section is fine)

  7. Paint Studio or make a paint date at home outside

  8. Visit a historic downtown area around your city

  9. Have a dance party

  10. Lunch date (hey, getting a water and an appetizer goes a long way!)

  11. Find local fairs or celebrations

  12. Fruit picking

  13. Petting Zoo

  14. Play date at the Park (call another mom up and meet up)

  15. Play at the park (by themselves)

  16. Visit a splash pad

  17. Visit a beach on the lake (several historic parks have them)

  18. Make something simple in the kitchen

  19. Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Click on the below image to play short video of our Summer and Weekend Outings and Activities!

Picture Gallery of our Fun times!

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