What God Really Holds Back from the Anointed

We complain to God “Lord why am I going through this?” We say “Lord, if you take this from me!” But little do we realize what He really holds back from His anointed.

After a great bible study at my church one evening, my pastor confirmed to us “Anything the enemy brings into our life has to be approved by God.” (He referenced the scripture Job 1: 6-12 where the enemy came to God and was allowed to test Job.) And that made me very curious as to why does God want the enemy to attack me?  The answer: When God knows we are not fully developed in certain areas, He may allow attacks to develop us. I believe also He allow attacks to see if we learned yet how to handle certain situations, to see if we finally put the answers to the tests!


But what He holds from us is far greater than what we realize! He gave me a vision of the picture above, or the best one I could find that illustrates what He actually keeps from His anointed! There are more things the enemy wants to do to us,  but God blocks way more than what we give credit to Him for! We complain about the small curveball into our plans, the little attitude from the co-worker or the unexpected flat tire, but what about them true demons waiting to devour the saints!

God is so merciful, that He holds back what we DO deserve sometimes, when we planted the bad seed ourselves. What could really get lose in our lives, God holds from us out of mercy. Out of love. Out of grace. Out of favor… because that is just how GOOD God is!

Any troubles we face, we have to know, God approved it for our lives. The trouble keep coming, that means we have to learn what we’re not learning. We keep getting attacked where we are the most under developed in! Of course we don’t like to go ‘round and ‘round, but if God is trying to produce in us a character that is pleasing to Him, I will go ‘round and ‘round so He can get the glory out of it! For instance, I’ve been in countless of failed relationships, and even though I was doing my best (or at least trying to) in all of them, God was like you are not getting it! Little do you know you are called to be a wife, not just a girlfriend. Not just a baby mom. But a wife. A wife has distinct characteristics that I have to produce out of you. So the more and more I continued in the frustrating circle of relationships, the more and more I stopped blaming the dude who ‘hurt’ me and started asking more and more, “God what am I supposed to be learning?”

Ta da! And just like that, I truly got it!

With the things about God, we have to truly embrace what we don’t understand (yet we aren’t called to understand, but called to “just do”). Trust and believe the enemy has more hits on us than what we really know, yet God is only allowing the things that will develop in us His true character. This involves trust. This involves patience. This involves faith.

Be encouraged, and grateful God only allows what you can bear. Again I say, He only allows what you can bear!

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