When the Bad Things in Life are Ordered

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I can’t help but feel that God sometimes order things to happen, so He can redirect our focus towards him.

I was driving in to work one morning and all I could hear was – Jesus needed Judas. When I first learned of the story of Jesus crucifixion, I was so mad with Judas and how he gave up Jesus for some chump change. You’re going to sell out Jesus – for money? The Messiah?

But then again, I learned Judas was human. You see, Judas was a physical follower of Jesus. The difference is we, as believers, are servants who follow Jesus (by faith) with our hearts. I’m not sure if Judas was following Jesus with his heart as much as he was doing physically. (It’s a prime example of people who are in the church, but the church not so much in them.) So clearly one of the things that filled Judas’ heart was his love for money. So when the Jewish authorities came to capture Jesus, what was in Judas’ heart (greed) superseded the love he had for The Messiah.

However, I wonder if Judas hadn’t give up the identity of Jesus, how was Jesus going to get to the cross? Because He needed to get there, so what would have been God’s plan then if Judas didn’t betray? Jesus walking up to Pilate and turning Himself in? Could there have been another way to a painful death that would have lead Jesus to die?

I doubt it. Jesus knew the time and pathway to His death – during the last supper He called out two specific people, Judas and Simon Peter. God must have shown Jesus the plan. So Jesus knew the plan must be carried out in order for Him to get to the cross.

Jesus wasn’t able to get where He needed to be to accomplish His purpose without the help of Judas along with, of course, his greed (sin). Judas wasn’t a hater of Jesus, he just loved money more than Jesus. So the betrayal was divine betrayal. The betrayal was


Psalms 41:9
Even my close friend in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, as lifted his heel against me.

What did I take away from my conversation with God that morning?

Some very close people to you will have to sin against you to catapult you into where you need to be. Some supervisors will have to fire you. Some relationships will have to dump you. Some best friends will have to talk about you. Some family will have to disown you. Some children will have to act out. Some people will have to fabricate stories. Some people will have to plan against you. The people you laughed with have to secretly plot against you. When the doctors count your symptoms as a diagnosis.

Why? Because God is trying to get us to a place – and those people will play a crucial part in our movie. Just imaging – When the NO reroutes you to purpose, when the dump reroutes you to Gods presence, when the plot reroutes you to promotion, when the disloyalty reroutes you to greatness – wouldn’t you rather thank the blessings in disguise?

Be thankful for the Judas’ in your life.

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