When We Fall Short There is Forgiveness

I have to remember I sin — also.

Lord knows I don’t have it all together. I know none of us have it “all together” but yet we sort of make ourselves seem that way? I don’t know. Just bear with me.


In stumbling upon this post “We all sin differently, but forgiveness is all the same” I had a come to Jesus moment. No matter what collar I wear, what garment I dance in what I’m over in my church – I fall short in something every day. Having a temper or a short fuse, rolling my eyes at someones accomplishments, even being “nice nasty” to someone undeserving. I don’t have it all together no matter what my title is – we are all born into sin, and we are sinners. Thoughts and actions are the culprit of our sin. Sometimes I may not do anything, but thoughts may cause my sin. I may not think “wrong” but my doing cause my sin sometimes.

We all judge the severity of sin by what is big in our own eyes. We may say, “God I only smoke, but at least I’m not a murderer!” or “God I only chat with my friends about the latest gossip, but at least I don’t commit adultery.” Well, newsflash to some (and a reminder to others) – SIN IS SIN in God’s eyes and there is no greater or lesser sin than the other – which requires forgiveness. What are some sinful things? Galatians 5:19-21 will tell us what sins to keep away from. Envy is no greater than idolatry. Getting drunk is no less than witchcraft. Again, sin is sin.


Now some sin affects another individual. As a command, will have to seek forgiveness from that person. (Matthew 5:22-23). But ultimately God has to forgive us as well – therefore we go repent. It’s just not sufficient that we just go to the other person or just go to God asking forgiveness. But the two and two work together as a command from God. Some sin don’t affect another individual, then therefore we just go to seek forgiveness from God.

Ultimately, we have to seek Gods forgiveness when we sin and be intentional about repenting.

When He forgives (because He is so merciful and gracious) also He commands Go, and sin no more. Meaning, as you repent, you ask for forgiveness in hopes and aspiration that you quit your sinning ways! Most of us have it twisted that God wants us to keep sinning and keep asking for forgiveness for that one sin. NO. The purpose of any forgiveness, whether it be to God or that other person, is to not sin again in the same area.

But when God forgives, He doesn’t remember any longer. Although the other person still might hold a grudge and remember – the best news is that God doesn’t. He see’s the best, and just by us repenting to Him, I believe He sees us trying to change our ways. It is up to the other person now to also forgive you and to see the best in us. And it may take a little time for them (because we all are flesh) however, it isn’t up to us to keep asking for forgiveness. If you did what you were supposed to do, God does what He supposed to do.

So recap: We all sin -> No sin is higher than the other. Sin needs to be forgiven by God and/or the person we offended. We seek forgiveness -> God forgives -> We go and try to sin no more.

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