Why Have Children?

Emani Moss

Emani Moss

Almost in tears today as I seen the story of the 10 year old girl, from Gwinnett co. Georgia, beaten, starved to death, then burned and put in a trash can – all done by her biological father and step mom.

Reported by WSBTV in Atlanta, the story was tragic, to say the least. But the story went on to read the biological grandmother, who had custody of the child, lost custody because the Gwinnett co. child services returned Emani Moss back to Eman and Tiffany Moss and dropped the child cruelty case. (Read about the story here)

When I read about stories of children dying, severely beaten, tormented and molested due to the care of their parents, my heart drops and my eyes swell with tears. My mind immediately races to child’s anguish and torment during the times with the parents. What was the child thinking? What type of cries their soul yearned? In these moments, I wish I I could have done something to prevent it. But sadly, there is no way I could have known this child, or as of now, know children who are going through this now.

My question is, parents, why have children? Why bring someone into this world, who deserves your love and care and return to them cruelty? What type of an adult could beat, torment and starve a helpless child who count on them for protection? What type of mindset can you be in to rape your 2 year old , who looked up to you can called you her ‘da da’? Why have children?

If prospective parents only took the time to really understand the REAL patience, love, time and understanding it takes with children and also knowing the late nights, early mornings, runny noses, terrible two’s, potential bad report cards, temper tantrums, acting out, crying, sickness, excitement, joys, adventurous, sofa climbing, talking back, whining and interruptions they will face when they have children, and I mean really understand (like sit down in algebra class and trying to figure out a problem understand) then I believe some would second guess their decisions or be more cautious knowing now what the stakes are.

I believe if potential parents signed contracts before conception (or even during the pregnancy) that if anything should happen to the child during their care due to their own negligence as parents, they will be put in prison for life without any type of monetary bail or parole, then they would definitely see the seriousness of raising a child. I mean, some things should be logical and common sense, but there are men and women in society producing babies for the fun of it, without regard to everything I listed above, how their children will eat, how their children will sleep, how they will live comfortably etc. It’s just babies making babies. And that’s sad.

It’s every day you hear about parents whooping a child to death, beating a child to death, raping their babies, locking them in closets, not feeding them, chaining them up and I’m like WHY such a senseless crime on your own children. It’s horrible! Just to think of women and families that can’t even have children, look and see these type of stories floating in the news and media. How heartbroken they must be?

And people, like myself, sit around and think ‘how can I be a part of the solution’? I guess nothing but to spread awareness and information to expectant and already parents that you know having a hard time with proper discipline. Online Parenting Classes and Parent Encouragement Classes are available. There are ‘expectant parent’ classes that are at some hospitals in your area. You can recommend someone to check those out. The National Child Abuse Hotline is available too! To be apart of the movement, you can find local chapters to preventing child abuse here.

Want to get started now? Send a quick prayer to those children who are now affected by this every day, and a special prayer to the parent inflicting the harm. What we don’t know about, God does. He can make all the difference!



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