Why I Love Pintrest

There was one point in time where I would scroll down my timeline on social media sites and see profanity, sex and ridiculousness to say the least. There was one point where I saw a picture, almost like porn, on my phone screen. And I was totally disgusted! It seemed like my age group has seen both sides of the spectrum… old enough to remember life without tapping into social media every 2 seconds, and still young enough to partake in the social media world we live in now! It’s so unbelievable how some of the pictures & videos posted are actually allowed in cyberspace, and on places where children and young adults roam! But I digress, even though it is a total influence on today’s wacky culture.

One of my friends actually told me about Pintrest. At first look, I was confused and totally was turned off to the structure of it. I believe my profile was dormant for months because I just didn’t know how it worked. Until one day, I got off the lazy horse, and learned how to make the most of Pintrest. I started to follow boards that sparked my interests: bible scriptures, quotes, food, more food, paintings, drawings, dancing, event design…and the list goes on. Before long, I woud sign into Pintrest and would open up to a wall of everything I loved and loved to do! I found that on Pintrest:

  1. You can learn new ways to cook…

  2. You can learn new dishes…

  3. You can enhance your creativity…

  4. You can learn how to save…

  5. You can fall in love with life…

  6. You can read articles and good bloggies…

  7. You can just stop in to get a refill when life is bad…

…but the list is really endless.

In a sermon by a young minister at Greater Works Intl. Ministries, Minister Stretchen spoke about guarding your heart. He greatly encouraged the congregation that we must guard our heart from the things that should not be there… things that take up more space than God. Then he elaborated on how even scrolling down social media… that the junk we see actually feeds our spirit negatively, whether we want to embrace that fact or not. And I totally agree, 100%. Once I stopped listening to most of the music I used to, I can say I am much happier, my mind is clearer and my day has a great energy about it!  I believe the Amplified Bible has a great translation of the verse evil company corrupts good behavior:

1 Corinthians 15:33 Amplified Bible (AMP) 33 Do not be so deceived and misled! Evil companionships (communion, associations) corrupt and deprave good manners and morals and character.

So Pintrest works for me! I can be negativity free when I log in. Instead of seeing violence, fights and sex, on Pintrest I can read some good tips on how to better myself, I can learn DIY projects and my spirit can be fed good scripture. I can be creative, artistic and loving, and don’t have to worry about nonsense creeping in. Like my friend said once in her Facebook post, if you want to really know me, go on my Pintrest! (See my Pintrest profile). Choose what you put into your soul and spirit: what goes in you, grows in you and eventually comes out through action. I’m still on other social media, but Pintrest has my heart.

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