Women Encouragement to Inspire

This was actually put in me today to share with myself. But I wanted to share with others just in case someone needed it, now or in the future.

These are just a few ‘quotes’ and sayings I looked up on a ‘woman’s strength’ and a ‘strong woman’. I don’t think men will ever understand the strength within a woman. How we manage to return to reality after our past and our skeletons. How we manage, by ourselves, to make a comeback from nothing.

I have heard many men say, ‘she crazy’. I have had a man tell me ‘you have some issues.’ And I believe, like the quote below says, only certain men can really handle a broken woman. Getting into any type of relationship with her, whether it be physical, sexual, friendship or relationship with a woman that has been battered and bruised (physically and emotionally), a new man can tell where she has been by the way she acts. The questioning, insecurity, cries, the wall… But only real men will stick around and prove opposite of what she already know about men. Punks will add to it. (Excuse my terminology.) But only those who aren’t really willing to put in the work of showing women a ‘new guy’ will say things like ‘oh she crazy, she got issues, theres something wrong with her’ and also make her feel forced to change her perception of men on her own.

How can a woman do that without having a man in her life to prove this to? Just a thought and a question, actually, to men out there. Maybe it is so easier for men to do the former than to put into work to prove that ‘real standup’ guys are out there. Until then, we are proven opposite.

Just encouraging US (women) to know that each individual woman is not alone.  Collectively, we do go through this from time to time. Just a little positive messages below.

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