Words are simply, words. Right?

I mean they have no significance when I talk. Right? I’m just merely, talking. Right?

Our words & conversations have the power of death and life. (Proverbs 18:21). Over yourself. Over another. Over your circumstance. They are announced in the atmosphere, at the point of no return.

I think we forget that sometimes, I know I do. We just say what we feel, whatever comes to mind, then sometimes regret those words later, if we feel sorry.

I speak the negative, I speak what’s going on. I speak what’s going wrong. I speak these things to myself and to other people. I am so quick to point out the bad, flaws, negative and such, I forget what 1 Thessalonians say. One of our responsibilities as a Christian is to “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” (1 Thess. 5:11 NIV). This means to give support, confidence or hope to someone. To help, uplift, motivate or inspire someone.

In relationships, this is especially true. As humans, our first instinct is to find ourselves faultless in disagreements or arguments. And then we point the finger:

“Well this is what you do!”

“You don’t do this right!”

“You are wrong!”

“You can’t be a man!”

“You are no good!”

“You are stupid!”

“You are acting like a child!”

“You are not this, You are not that!”

And those statements, and many others, are in turn, speaking INTO that person. The You are, the You can’t, the You don’t  and the You ain’t are confirming into them what you think they are. By your own standards and by your own definition of what ‘a man’ or what ‘stupid’ is. But we have to line our own lives up to the Word of God, to compare ourselves to THAT standard, and not our own.

The first key is to acknowledge we have to stop first perceiving ourselves as better than anyone. We have serious flaws to work on too, for us to just stop and point out someone’s mistakes or the ‘bumps’ in their personality. Then we can be able to  re-arrange our speech so we can start pointing out the greatness in each other! The grace in your speech, alone, says so much on how you really think about a person! The grace in your speech alone, also, gives the grace you, too, will need! Praise the goodness in the person. Praise their awesomeness. Praise the things they do ‘right’.

I read something the other week (which I can’t quote verbatim) but it was key in relationship building. To praise the good. Weather and have patience with the bad. But I also add pray for the bad too.

We have to understand that words have lasting impressions on the people we speak to, whether we want to realize it or not. You tell someone they’ll never be good enough, then they will never be good enough, and they will always think I’ll never be good enough.

Just a thought on this morning.

~ xoxo, Amber

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