Working From Home While Homeschooling

Need help with a daily schedule and routine for your preschooler? Or just some tips and advice?

I am in your exact shoes. Homeschooling is hard, especially when you are a mom who works from home.

My kid is the regular kid - requesting undivided attention from me when I have to give it elsewhere most of the day. She comes every 5 minutes or so, without knocking on the office door, requesting I play with her or that she wants me to open something.

It's pretty frustrating balancing the two most important aspects of your life.

It's not easy to do, but it is workable with a can do mindset.

The pandemic caused me to put on my big girl boots and do what I could to fulfill my duties as a mom and as an employee.

For starters, I prepare on Sundays. Along with my meal prepping, I prep for home school the Sunday before the week. This is when I print out worksheets, pre-prepare arts and crafts activities, set out all workbooks, flashcards and coloring books - everything that I will need for her during the day for her.

I also create a schedule for the day. I also prepare in my mind that the schedule will not go according to plan, but it gives me an approximate time on her activities and also keeps me on a schedule with her so no minute is ever idle.

I understand that electronics will be used. I say this because I was so adamant about screen time, and too much of it. But I am a single mom of 1, and I know I cannot be her entertainment every waking second, so I rely on technology for some of the time. This helps when I have meetings or phone calls I need uninterrupted time working. I have her tablet, computer and TV ready and set to what she will be watching. Bookmarking websites will be useful to get to quickly.

I also utilize all the resources we already have at the house. Coloring books, activity books, puzzles, play doh (yes,I don't mind play doh at my house lol), crayons, markers and paint. Creativity is important to me so I allow her time to free play, draw, paint and create to keep that aspect sharpened in her.

Since my daughter has a 1 percent chance of taking a nap during the day, I give a specific 1 hour of quiet time each day. Quiet time is for reading, drawing, coloring, listening to instrumentals, playing by herself or napping. This is when you can choose to take a break from work yourself and grab a bite for lunch and recharge for the next half of the day.

I have learned to have lunch and snacks already prepared. To have this already ready will save you time and headache. Scrambling trying to make something when you have a conference call in 2 minutes is not the best look. If you have a job like mines, my day can get very unpredictable - yet lunch hour calls for your little one. So having snacks laid out on the counter, juices in arms reach in the fridge and lunch already prepared has several perks!

I hope this helps you get your creative juices flowing with some ideas of your own for your kids. You know them best.

With so many trials and errors, I found that the above system works for us. I also have to mentally prepare and know each day - it won't go according to the exact plan. So I prepare to be interrupted. I prepare for her barging in and interrupting a call. I prepare for the unavoidable. Because she is a 5 year old, and kids will be kids. But with structure, and a plan, working from home and schooling a little one can be managed.

Check out my YouTube video below.

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