You Are Beautiful

“I want to let you know you are beautiful!” I just got a compliment from a guy pulling out of the carwash. “I love your outfit and want to let you know you are a beautiful woman.”

These words mean so much to someone who feels defeated. Push aside the scorns and judgements of the world, sometimes people want to know they-are-beautiful.

I have been hearing a lot of this lately, from complete strangers and from “out of nowhere” experiences. Maybe it’s a reminder, maybe its assurance or maybe it’s to make sure I continue to know God is with me every step of the way.

It’s easy to forget what God has said about us when circumstances speak louder. It’s easy to forget when God has spoken great things about us from long ago and we don’t remember anymore. It’s easy to accept what is currently presented than what God has in store. People can tell us until they are blue in the face how special we are – but if we believe the lies of the enemy, we won’t accept just how special we are.

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Over and over in my life I have been told about my “sweet spirit”. Over and over again, through meetings and through the prophetic – I have been told that my spirit was pure and sweet. But just one “crack” the enemy had, and I started to believe I wasn’t good, good enough or even “sweet” anymore. The lie kept repeating over and over and over again to me – so much I was very down and weak in my spirit. In the aftermath of it, and the more time I spent with God, He had to show me you believed the lie of one out of the many I sent. POWERFUL to the “nth” degree. I believed the lies of the enemy, yes I did. But what made me sad is that God has shown me over and over in His word how special I am, how many talks I have had with Him where He has poured into me and all the people He sent to reassure me. It saddened me and I had to ask God to forgive me. I had to realize that a beautiful person is far from perfect, but indeed I was still the sweet spirit God put inside of me. The intentions of the heart is what makes a person beautiful. What’s beautiful on the inside will always make you glow on the outside.

God doesn’t make junk. He makes beautiful people. Genesis 1:27 says “So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. He created them male and female”. God does not create anything He didn’t purpose. After a long heart to heart with God, I had to believe 1) I am loved by him 2) I am called according to His purpose 3) and that God thinks I am beautiful no matter what any devil in hell can say.

Whoever is reading this – know your spirit is beautiful. It is one of a kind. God has a lot in store for you. God doesn’t make junk. You are important to God and God wants all of your heart.

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