You're Qualified, but...

“You can always teach them how to do the job, but it’s harder to teach mannerisms.” My old employer shared in an interview with me regarding how she hires her team.

That stuck with me, until I became a supervisor myself and understood just what she meant.

In years of training and being a supervisor, I learned that you just have to have it. It can’t be taught at this point of the game. You have to bring it with you.

“It” meaning manners, politeness or just plain common decency.

Very few have the “it” factor, but it is needed to sustain good employment. But this is an example in all the relationships we have. You can be qualified for employment, a friendship, a relationship, an opportunity, but if your mannerisms are nasty, you can keep yourself from so many opportunities and advancements.

Let’s say that again.

You can be qualified, but your attitude can keep you from getting (or maintaining) the job.

Attitude… yes that attitude. That attitude that really isn’t necessary to bring sometimes. The demeanor that you can put down. The mannerisms that don't suit you well in this season. The ones you picked up in survival mode, but won't suit you in thrive mode.

Yes those.

Mannerisms says:

When I’m positive I am right, I won’t try to talk over you to prove that

When come to the work environment I stay away from bringing others into my pity party

When I am proven wrong, I can still talk to you in a polite and courteous way

When I have a rebuttal, I change my words I say or write to reflect a gracious tone

Sometimes I step away or remove myself from a conversation that isn’t serving my best self

I will answer the 100th question like my 1st one because I know that everyone doesn’t learn like I do

If there is something I do not want to do, I don’t show my attitude towards it

If there is someone I don’t like, my attitude towards them won’t reflect it

I will not have a know it all spirit, because I am always a student of life

The bible says pleasant words that come out of our mouths have lasting affects on those we encounter. Even doing kind things being more like Christ is what we have to reflect - in whatever relationship we're in or who we encounter.

So let's check ourselves ~ because we all can be qualified for certain roles, but our mannerisms can hold us back from our blessings.

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