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Literature Review Of Skin Care Products

Use of skin personal care products on a regular basis is nearly ubiquitous, but their effects on molecular and microbial diversity of the skin are unknown. We evaluated the impact of four beauty products (a facial lotion, a moisturizer, a foot powder, and a deodorant) on 11 volunteers over 9 weeks. Results

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  • 1) Skin cosmeceutical product- Antiaging creams, Mosturizres, Facial products and Lotions. 2) Hair cosmeceutical product- Gel and creams, Hair colorants and Dyes, Shampoos, Growth Stimulators and Conditioners. 3) Others- Lipstick, Nail polish, Toothpaste and Powders. SKIN COSMECEUTICALS Cosmeceuticals are the cosmetic products

  • Skin care products are major contributors to cosmetic allergic contact dermatitis (ACD), followed by hair care and nail care products. The most common allergens are fragrances and preservatives. The diagnosis of cosmetic allergy is established by reviewing the patient's clinical history and physical examination findings and confirmed with skin patch testing.

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